American Girls In Miniature

American Girls In Miniature
Harrison Fisher's American girls in miniature.
     New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1912.
     3 p. l. 32 col. pl., port. 21 cm.

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"Well Protected"
"Miss Knickerbocker"
"Miss Santa Claus"
"The Rose"
"Following The Race"
"Naughty Naughty"
He's Only Joking
His Gift
An Old Song
"He's Only Joking"
"His Gift"
"An Old Song"
Two Up
The Bride
"Two Up"
"The Bride"
The Debutante
Oh! Promise Me
"The Debutante"
"Oh! Promise Me"
The Old Miniature
Odd Moments
"The Old Miniature"
"Odd Moments"
Song Of The Soul
The Proposal
"Song Of The Soul"
"The Proposal"
The Trousseau
The Wedding
The Honeymoon
"The Trousseau"
"The Wedding"
"The Honeymoon"
First Evening/New Home
Their New Love
"First Evening/New Home"
"Their New Love"
American Girl in France
American Girl in Italy
American Girl in Ireland
"American Girl in France"
"American Girl in Italy"
"American Girl in Ireland"
American Girl in England
American Girl in Japan
"American Girl in England"
"American Girl in Japan"
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